Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slab work at Adam Williams' studio

White and red clay slabs with red slip.

Adam with one of his students.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sacred Slabs

I have moved to clay...drawing, boxing, scripting, pushing and pulling. Clay slabs are tablets. Like sacred Abrahamic texts. It is exciting. I have since incorporated white slip. I will be working with Adam Williams at his studio this weekend. Very exciting!

Monday, March 2, 2009

This box

This box that I am in, does not fit. It is not comfortable. I shall make my own...

Is it a matter of making a new box? Or alleviating it completely? What then happens to the contents of the vessel?

Barely there, can't fit into the square

I don't really fit into the box in the first place. I think I am the only one who knows that.

The Mould

The mould is my box. My box was given to me without my consent. I am not sure that I quite like it. The story of one is not the story of all others.

The Presumptious Flock

Who are they? The are the present, the past and the future. Maybe not the future, I am hoping that will change. The are the collective that repeats the memory of the way things were...or never were. Taking the past and assuming it to be the present. Confusing new faces with old history. A history, for some, that never existed, for it was not theirs to begin with.

Little Alice

Little Alice
Who is she? Can her stories be told through images? Can one read the repetition, the spinning, the movement, the inward and outward pulling and pushing... The clarity, the smudgedness... The barely there but always in sight...