Monday, August 22, 2011

Neither Here Nor There, Vol. 1

During June and July I worked on a small book made of recycled paper and bound by myself. I have been interested in bookmaking for some time now. I drew in this book with the intention that information from the recycled pages from the various humdrum's of my life (bank statements, discarded prints, practice sheets from my Spanish class) would direct its form. The book contains a series of map like elements. I am mapping out spaces and experiences, real and imagined.

I have made copies of  the original and am giving away the zines. It's a limited edition of 30. If you live in Trinidad and Tobago please email me to get your free copy,

If you live outside of Trinidad and Tobago you can order a copy through my storenvy account. The zine is free but a small fee for shipping is required.

Neither Here Nor There, Vol. 1 - printed on 20 lb stock, 20 pages and hand bound by the artist, 2011.

Zine Detail

Zine Detail

Zine Detail

Zine Detail


Le Mot Juste said...

I got my copy and I think it's an excellent experiment in the whole idea of place and beingness. It depicts an individual searching for a concrete sense of self and probably realising at the end of the quest that it's all very nebulous. I enjoyed that all those geographic things like legends, signs, distance and topography markings were really gave a sense of journey to the zine.

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