Monday, February 9, 2009

The Little Girl

I am playing around with my little girl. Cut outs, stencils, scratching, painting...

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Guanaguanare said...

Alicia, what are some of your thoughts as you proceed? I soooo wish that I could hear your voice but I will mutter to myself as I wait.

Magnetic art - what keeps the integrity of a personality, magnetic fields of what? But they can be altered or the magnet can be moved and the centre flies off and the figure changes?

Rock art - a person's past self as pictograph, captured memory, the memory of rocks, the rock of memory?

Pavement chalk drawings - a person's evolving self as something as arbitrarily/playfully executed as very transient chalk drawing on a pavement. we come as standardised frozen, die-cut figures? Can the repositioning of our limbs be achieved only by amputation?

Why the horns and the fangs?

The chalky whites are the most ghostly. These reverse stencils that remind me of the magnetized metal filings make me think of movement, of breaking camp. Above it they seem to be huddled and focused and below I feel a scattering.

When there are two or more girls are they then separate girls or are they patterns representing the girl's approach to her experiences?

And pin-up girl!! The positioning of those pins is not accidental? You've put a pin right through the heart! Has she been mounted like an insect for preservation and display? Has she been pinned up as an outwardly shining and perfect [inwardly wounded and broken] example for all to admire? Has she been imprisoned, her hands tied, her mind and heart subdued?